I’m Kristy,

a content creator, dreamer, old soul and nomad. I’m passionate about creating beautiful imagery for businesses by capturing their unique essence and portraying it through photos and videos.

It all began a few years ago. I had a lifelong dream of living a nomadic lifestyle. I wanted to live simply, have minimal belongings, and have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the the world. In 2017 I left San Diego, California with a backpack, my cameras, and high ambitions.

Along my journey, I found myself connecting with local hotels, Airbnb hosts, and tourism companies who felt like their businesses weren’t getting the number of bookings they deserved to be. As a former businesswoman and current traveler, I tried to understand their weaknesses so I could provide them with some helpful insight into how they could improve.

It turned out to be a pretty simple fix. What I wound up finding 90% of the time was that their photography for their booking platforms / websites was lacking, or their current photos were low-quality. Being that the majority of sales are generated through online platforms, it’s paramount that visitors have a positive first impression when they arrive to a website. Photos / videos are the basis of what people make their initial judgments off of, so having low-quality or insufficient photography can be an immediate turn-off and lead to lost customers.

Through this discovery I’ve helped businesses to create captivating imagery that tells their authentic story in a way that sets them apart, and ultimately leads to sustainable growth.


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