I once was bound to a corporate job, where I found myself constantly dreaming about all the places in the world I wished I could be exploring. Nothing was particularly wrong with what I was doing, but I just couldn’t imagine spending my whole life in one place, dedicating 40+ hours a week to a job I didn’t feel fulfilled by, and having to play by someone else’s rules. I craved freedom. I wanted to break free and do something that would fuel my deepest passions, give me creative freedom, and allow me to experience life in different parts of the world. I knew that if I wanted it bad enough, I could achieve it.

In June of 2017 I decided to change my life. I quit the corporate world, sold everything, bought a one way ticket to Southeast Asia, and left with a backpack, some cameras, and a burning desire to create a new lifestyle for myself. I’ve since traveled to over 40 countries, started a business, and am able to live and work remotely.

I created The Nomad Nextdoor with the intention to build a community where other travelers, aspiring nomads, and entrepreneurs can come to gain valuable knowledge, advice, and inspiration about all things relating to travel, visual content creation, and the travel-work lifestyle.

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